Monday, May 17, 2010

an accomplished woman: part deux

I have another office to toot in! I'll be in Chicago twice a month for the next three months. I've been here less than 18 hours and have already downed half of a deep dish pepperoni.

Why did that sound dirty? I'm talking about pizza, you perves.

Here's the view from my office:

I like to imagine that the 80-story building that I'm in here is exactly the same as four of my Dallas office buildings, just stacked one on top of another. With more intense security. I keep waiting for a retinal scan to be requested.


Ian H. Smith said...

That view is ballin. I work on the 2nd floor of a building in Boulder, does that count as being accomplished?

not lisa said...

Very. I heart Boulder.

However, I stayed at the Boulderado one time on business. I kept waking up throughout the night thinking that a ghost was yelling at me for trying to steal Curly's gold. That place creeped me out a bit...

But Boulder all-in-all? Delightful.