Thursday, July 10, 2008

not lisa and boyfriend on: cremation

Boyfriend and I recently attended a funeral. It was an extremely sad occasion (you know, as opposed to the terribly joyful funerals...?) but, of course, we managed to entertain ourselves with inappropriateness.

not lisa: "The idea of a burial creeps me out. Will you please make sure that I'm cremated so I don't take up much needed real estate for all eternity?"

boyfriend: "Sure. Would you like me to do anything in particular with your ashes?"

not lisa: "Hmm... not really. Just throw them wherever. I've never been all that sentimental. (pause) On second thought, I'd like to be baked into a big dish of macaroni and cheese."

boyfriend: "Fine. But I'm not eating it. You know I hate leftovers."



Two Left Feet said...

"Dear... the macaroni tastes a little smoky tonight. Did you add something different to the recipe?"

"Yes... No Lisa."

Sounds delicious.

not lisa said...

Hmm... maybe that's the way you make smoked gouda?

Speaking of cheesy... my jokes are.